Titans Space Society

The most powerful,productive, and funprivate Space Societyin the world.

The Titans Space Society is only accessible to Titans Astronauts, a group of ultra-high-net-worth individuals organized by TSI.

These highly successful people are well-wishers of humanity and share TSI's vision and objectives to lighten Earth's burden.

A focus on space development and related projects

The Titans Space Society is a closed fellowship that is reserved for Titans Astronauts, a group of wealthy well-wishers of humanity who are essential to the realization of Titans Space Industries projects, including spaceplanes, spaceships, space stations, and a large lunar colony.

The Titans Space Society will work closely with Titania Space Agency, the official NASA-inspired space institution organized by and for Titania Oceana and Titania Lunar, to work with other space agencies on international space development.

Lifetime Membership: 10 + 10 + 10 years

Due to the long duration of TSI's space developments and its related projects, indiviidual Titans Space Society memberships last for ten years with all perks included, and the option for two (or even more) free extentions of ten years with most perks still available.

Level of involvement

The Titans Space Society holds monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annual, and annual events for its members. The frequency and intensity of their involvement with TSI's projects is their own decision.

Essential for low-budget space tourism

TSI, with support from the Titans Space Society and Titans Astronauts, paves the way for millions of people to travel to space and visit our Titania Lunar colony, starting with the Titans Legion, and then for the public at large.