Titans City

Home away from homefor all Titans Universe andTitans Space Industries employees, guests, partners,and Titans Astronauts.

TSI will invest $1.5B in the realization of Titans City, adjacent to the $1.5B Titans SpacePort.

Titans City will serve multiple purposes, and include:
• Titans Astronauts training facilities and buildings• Two 18-hole championship golf courses• Shopping boulevard, offices, retail• Educational and space campus• Educational and space campusand much more.

A peaceful getaway to recharge

Titans City is part of and adjacent to the Titans SpacePort.

Depending on permits and approvals, master planning and construction of the spaceport/airport and the adjacent Titans City will take 3 to 3.5 years in two phases: H1-2023 to H2-2024 (first phase) and H2-2024 to H2-2025 (second phase).

The total construction investment (including Titans SpacePort) will amount to US$3 billion, offering ample employment opportunities for the local population and profitable opportunities for local entrepreneurs and businesses.

When fully operational, Titans City will employ an additional 3,500-4,000 people full-time at double or triple the national average salary for similar jobs.

Titans Spaceport will employ an additional 3,000-3,500 people full-time with similar conditions.

Furthermore, TSI commits to re-investing a part of its profits directly in projects and initiatives for and by local and national communities through its highly engaging corporate social responsibility program, supported by Titans Universe’s Shared Wealth Initiative and the Titans Philanthropies program.

TSI will invest $1.5 billion in the realization of the Titans City project, and another $1.5 billion in Titans SpacePort:

Titans City will serve multiple purposes, and include:
Titans Astronauts training facilities and buildings

Away from the public, Titans City will house numerous Titans Astronaut training facilities and buildings, including a buoyancy lab, and exact replicas of the Titans OrbitalPorts.

1,000 three-bedroom apartments for TSI employees and their families
1,000 two-bedroom apartments
260 villas
100 duplex penthouses
60 triplex penthouses
General Hospital

Free-access/non-profit 300-bed state-of-the-art general hospital with all modern departments and facilities to accommodate physical and mental health, including pharmacy and outpatient departments.

1,000 suites spread over four 5-star resorts
20,000 audience stadium and sports facilities
Two 18-hole championship golf courses
Polo club and fields
F1-capable race track
Shopping boulevards, offices, retail zones
Nightlife, leisure, entertainment sections
Parks and gardens
Education and space campus

All parts of Titans City will have easy access to a two-track Mag-Lev train, that connects the city to the SpacePort terminals.

Titans SpacePort and Titans City are tied to Titania Oceana.