Titans Astronauts

Individuals whoare actively involved in savingPlanet Earthwith clean energyand by taking heavy industries to the Moon!.

Titans Astronauts are part of a group of ultra-high-net-worth individuals, organized by TSI.

These highly successful people are well-wishers of humanity and share TSI's vision and objectives to lighten Earth's burden.

Investing in a healthier world

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LEO/Lunar trips
Lunar Apartment
Titans Astronauts invest in a cleaner, greener, healthier future for planet Earth

Titans Astronauts, a select group of UHNWIs, are well-wishers of humanity; they are essential to the realization of Titans Space Industries projects, including spaceplanes, space stations, spaceships, and a large lunar mining and industry colony.

Titans Astronauts pay the company between $25 to $35 million for a lifelong space travel membership program. Most Titans Astronauts receive equity on top of all the awesome perks that are exclusively reserved for them.

Titans Astronaut commit to TSI’s space program, which allows their continued involvement and participation for the entire duration of TSI's developments and achievements.

Titans Astronauts are guaranteed multiple journeys to Space and the Moon between 2027 and 2040 (or even longer).

The Titans Space Society is a closed fellowship that is reserved for Titans Astronauts; they are essential to the realization of Titans Space Industries projects, including spaceplanes, spaceships, space stations, and a large lunar colony.

Lifetime Membership: 10 + 10 + 10 years

Due to the long duration of TSI's space developments and its related projects, indiviidual Titans Astronaut memberships last for ten years with all perks included, and the option for two (or more) free extentions of ten years, with most perks still available.

Level of involvement

Through their closed Titans Space Society, Titans Astronauts and TSI hold monthly, bi-monthly, semi-annual, and annual events.

The frequency and intensity of their involvement with TSI's projects is their own decision.

Essential for low-budget space tourism

TSI, with support from the Titans Space Society and Titans Astronauts, paves the way for regular people to travel to space and visit our Titania Lunar colony in the near future.

Titans Astronauts can expect the following exciting involvements and perks from TSI:
Advisory Roles (planning, selection, purchasing, execution processes)

• Self-nomination for a 10-person Titans Space Industries Advisory Board
• Exploration and inspection trips to most Titans projects through 2040

Including but not limited to involvement in most planning, testing, and designing processes of the Titans Spaceplanes, Space Stations, engineering and innovations,, and Titania Lunar (non-binding input).

Testing, Training, Preparation, Assistance

• Custom space suit design, development, and tailoring
• Stratosphere Tour
• G-Forces Training
• Etc.

Frequent specialist jobs for LEO, Lunar, and near-space missions

• Frequent astronaut jobs for the construction of the OrbitalPort (space hotel and space station) at 400 kilometers altitude.
• Frequent visits to the OrbitalPort at 400 kilometer altitude for supply and maintenance missions, including stays at the Titans Space Hotel.

Frequent missions and trips to Titania Lunar Colony

• From 2030, frequent missions for the construction of the Lunar OrbitalPort, and the Moon colony at Titania Lunar.
• Etc.

Preparing for future space missions

The 12-month training period is part of the Titans Astronauts' preparations and training program for LEO and Lunar Missions.

Stratosphere Tour at 30 kilometers altitude

Titans Astronauts will be able to travel to the edge of space in a huge balloon at 30 kilometers altitude where they will be above 99% of the Earth's atmosphere.

Take their family and friends to the edge of space

Titans Astronauts can bring family members and friends all the way to 30 kilometers altitude where they will enjoy a VIP treatment in the luxurious observation gondola with 360° views of the curvature of Earth.

Custom-made spacesuit

Training and testing includes a special Titans Extravehicular Activity (EVA) spacesuit. This expensive custom made suite is a mini-space vehicle, meant to keep the astronaut safe and secure durving surface or extravehicular missions.

Titans Astronauts get to keep the spacesuit.

Documentary and Promotional Media

All Titans Astronauts are given the opportunity to have a small video crew follow and record their journey with TSI during their 12-month training and preparation program. They will co-own the copyrights of all produced media.

Most importantly: Titans Astronauts will benefit from our success through the TSI Share Option Pool

TSI reserves up to 40% of its shares (equity/stock) for its stakeholders, including employees and Titans Astronauts. A somewhat comparable structure would be the American SOP (Stock Options Plan).

And much more

Some of the most valuable perks, including naming rights of buildings and structures are not listed.

Please contact us through the Titans Astronauts contact forms, or contact TSI's CEO, Neal Lachman, through Linkedin for personal communications.