Titania Oceana

A self-governedfloating city-statein international waters.

Titania Oceana (TO) is a large scale resort, residential, and commercial development that is closely tied to -but independent from- Titans Universe and its projects, including Titans Space Industries.
Depicted is a floating island design by the now-defunct Blue Estate Group to give an impression of how the residential part of (the 4-5x larger) Titania Oceana will look like.
Ⓒ Blue Estate Group.

Titania Oceana original designs are coming coon.

Titans Oceana is a master planned development to showcase the city and society of the future: ultra-intelligent technologies, near-zero waste, near-zero emissions, near- meat free, all-inclusive, self-sustaining.

Titania Oceana is the home of Titans Universe and TSI headquarters; it also offers a beautiful residential getaway as well as training facilities for Titans Astronauts

Titania Ocean is also the Gateway to Space; it's home of the first (near-by) Titans Space Elevator, which is also the main reason why this huge floating island is set up as an independent city-state with its own government, treasury, and constitution, solving regulatory issues such as building, operating, and insuring a 100 kilometer tall space elevator or in-space orbital ring network, and where to pay taxes.

Titania Oceana will benefit from Titans Universe businesses as well as from tourism; it will be a major hub for scientific and commercial R&D, and ultimately for OrbitalLoop-based cross-ocean and Earth point-to-point transportation of humans and cargo, and for space travel.

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Gateway to Space

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Titania Oceana original designs and futher information will be available after January 15, 2023. Please come back then.