Titania Lunar Colony

A Large Lunar ColonyAn industrialHome-Base onthe Moon by 2035

Titania Lunar is by far the most advanced and most realistic off-world settlement project to date.

An important strategic benefit of Titania Lunar, besides the fact that TSI can mine parts of the Moon and set up an entire lunar industry, is that it's just three days travel from Earth (and the LEO OrbitalLoop).

People will be able to take a Titans Spaceplane and cruise cis-lunar space, with the Titania Lunar Resort at the Colony as their destination.

Titania Lunar will be developed in five annual phases:
Phase 1: 2030 - 2031Phase 2: 2032 - 2033Phase 3: 2034 - 2035Phase 4: 2035- 2036Phase 5: 2037 onward
Using orbital infrastructure instead of rockets dramatically increases efficiencies and possibilities
for safe space travelspace exploration,lunar and space tourism,and industrial scale miningof the Moon.

Making the Moon the primary tourist destination of the 21st Century

Titans Space Industries is building an entire end-to-end ecosystem for space travel, space exploration, and lunar industrialization.

The Rocket Launch Vehicle Systems in use today are inherently limited in terms of efficiencies and pose severe shortcomings and risks. Furthermore, improvements in rocketry will remain limited for the foreseeable future, and as such space travel, space exploration, and space commercialization would remain a near-impossible feat for most of humanity for decades to come.

Commerce in space, including space tourism, as well as scientific missions, let alone industrialization, will remain restricted to the frequencies and efficiencies that rocket systems and technologies would allow.

This is where TSI brings about a true paradigm shift.

Recently, TSI concluded its multi-year effort to plan the construction LEO and lunar infrastructure that enable virtually unlimited transportation of humans and cargo - back-and-forth. This will revolutionize space travel, space exploration, and space exploitation.

TSI's space infrastructure will eventually encompass three separate, fixed low-orbit systems:

LEO OrbitalLoop
Lunar OrbitalLoop
Mars OrbitalLoop

Besides these fixed infrastructure, a special Lunar OrbitalPort (space station) will also orbit the Moon, and it will be essential for the construction of many parts of the lunar projects.

Titania Lunar will provide everything, including but not limited to infrastructure and machines:






















Debris capture


3D printing


Titania Lunar: a shining city on the Moon

In general terms, Titania Lunar will accommodate and facilitate everything one expects in terms of running a city and making life easier and comfortable in a very difficult environment.

Providing a comfortable environment

While other moon bases may be focused on the bare basics, their personnel and visitors can get access to Titania Lunar facilities and services upon agreement or special request.

Becoming the primary commercial hub in Space

Titania Lunar is set up to become a main player and major force in space, to be the go-to place for virtually everything and anything space travelers and space visitors need.

Cooperation beyond the Outer Space Treaty

Titania Lunar's setup is to avoid the Moon from becoming a space version of the Wild West. Titania Lunar will work with the UN and NATO etc., as well as with all international space agencies and entities such as the USA's Space Force. 

A new lunar city-state with a new Earth sister state

Titania Lunar aims to become the Switzerland of Space. A neutral, objective city-state that aims to benefit all nations and humanity, in space and on Earth, present, and future.

We are aware of the limitations of space colonization and claims in space as per the Outer Space Treaty, which is one of the many reasons why we founded Titania Oceana, a floating island resort and port city-state in international waters that starts construction in 2023.

All TSI activities and projects, including Titania Lunar, will be regulated by Titania Oceana, with the limitations and opportunities of the Outer Space Treaty as its primary guidance.

Outer Space Treaty and future international cooperation

While Titania Lunar's sister state, Titania Oceana, aims for recognition as an independent state in the near future, and to become a new signatory of an updated Outer Space Treaty and other such commitments, its efforts on Earth as well as with TSI in space will proceed - in anticipation of international recognition.

Titania Lunar: Preliminary planning

Phase 1: 2030 - 2031

A: Location: this location will have its own space elevator nearby, connecting to the Lunar OrbitalLoop in due time.
B: ISRU: Near the settement, the initial parts of In-Situ Resource Utilization (ISRU) facilities for mining, refining, producing, manufacturing, etc. will be established.
C: A Lunar Mass Driver of a few miles length will be constructed to send cargo loads to TSI's LEO OrbitalLoop.

Phase 2: 2032 - 2033

A. On the opposite end of the ISRU facilities, living, working, and leisure quarters will be situated.
B: Initial setup of surface-level part of Titania Lunar Resort, which will also function as temporary living, working, and leisure quarters.
C. Expand the ISRU facilities.
D. Create initial service infrastructure for third parties.

Phase 3: 2034 - 2035

A: Further expand the ISRU facilities.
B: Build living/working/leisure quarters in a crater or lava tube.
C: Build initial part of the underground/crater section of the resort.
D: Expand service infrastructure for third parties.

Phase 4: 2036 - 2037

A: Expand the ISRU facilities to semi-industrial levels.
B: Finalize the first space elevator for frequent arrivals and departures.
C: Expand the living/working/leisure quarters.
D: Further expand the resort.
E: Full scale service infrastructure for third parties.

Phase 5: 2037 onward

A: Fully Expand the ISRU facilities to full-industrial levels.
B: Further expand the living/working/leisure quarters.
C: Fully expand the resort to accommodate thousands of people simultaneously
D: Expand full scale service infrastructure for third parties.
E: Fully operational Lunar OrbitalLoop system, including space elvators.
F: Initiate Mars missions with partners.