Take a Vacation to space

By mid 2027, the initial modules of the Titans Space Hotel (part of the Titans LEO OrbitalPort Space Station) will orbit Earth every 90 minutes at 400 kilometers altitude.

This unique hotel will be affordable for more people; it will offer luxurious suites, a gym, and a film studio.

By year end 2030, the Titans Space Hotel will be fully operational for scientific, commercial, and tourism purposes.

Watch 16 sunrisesand 16 sunsetsevery 24 hoursfrom your suiteat 400 km altitude.

Titans Space Industries is reimagining tourism: Space Cruises!
The world's largest space projects by TSI.From a partial space hotel in 2027to a full LEO resort by 2030.

3 days space cruise!

km altitude
thousand km/h
0 x
$ 1 M

View Earth from Space

The Titans Space Hotel occupies half of the Titans LEO OrbitalPort Space Station.

Manufacturing and assembly of parts starts in 2024. In-space construction starts with two modules in the second half of 2027. These modules will accommodate several space hotel guests, with more capacity added quickly.

By year end 2030, TSI's space station must be fully operational for scientific, commercial, and tourism purposes.

There's enough space

TSI’s objective is to practically always expand the OrbitalPort in a semi-detached modular fashion.

Ultimately, in the coming decades, thousands of guests and twenty or more spaceplanes/space freighters/spaceships will be accommodated at the Titans LEO OrbitalPort.

Watch the sun set and rise... 16 x per 24 hours!

Similar to NASA's International Space Station, the Titans OrbitalPort/Space Hotel will travel at about 28,000 kilometers per hour (17,500 mph). At this speed, and at an altitude of ~400 kilometers, the Titans Space Hotel will orbit Earth every 90 minutes, which gives guests sixteen sunrises and sunsets, every 24 hours.

Safely travel to the OrbitalPort - and in style

Titans Space Hotel guests will be transported to the OrbitalPort by Titans Spaceplanes.

Titans Astronauts get a Lifetime Membership

Titans Astronauts are founding investors and customers of the Titans Space Hotel. They are afforeded numerous unique perks, including multiple trips to the Titans Space Hotel, and even to Titania Lunar Resort.