Take the Elevator to space

Ascending to 100 km in spacefor amazing viewsof the vast expanseof space, andthe delicate beautyof planet Earth.

Full trip: three hours ascent to 100 kilometers altitude, one hour stay at 100 kilometers, and three hours descent in staffed cabins - much like a luxurious jet.

It will be like taking a luxurious cruise - to space!

  • Available from 2027
  • - Luxurious & Unique
  • - 100 km altitude
  • - At the Karman Line
  • - Breathtaking views
  • - Prices from $5,000
  • - Including 4 days at Titania Oceana resort
  • - Payment Plan available

Experience the vast expanse of space and the delicate beauty of earth

The first Titans Space Elevator will be built near Titania Oceana, a huge floating city in international waters, and will reach the OrbitalLoop, Titans Space Industries' orbital ring, at 100 kilometer altitude. Construction of phase 1 starts in 2024.

Space Elevators and OrbitalLoops are unique fixed infrastructure that enable virtually unlimited transportation of humans and cargo. The Earth OrbitalLoop Network will initially consist of one single (partial) equatorial orbital ring and several space elevators that will reach from Earth’s surface (usually ocean sites) to 100 km altitude where they connect to the OrbitalLoop.

Titans Space Elevators main purposes:

Space Tourism at affordable prices (from 2027 onward):

There is no comparable opportunity to view our beautiful Earth, and into the vast expanse of space.

Our guests will enjoy a three-hours ascent to 100 kilometers altitude, an hour stay in space as defined by the Karman Line, and a three-hour descent back to the base on Earth. Prices start at $5,000 for a luxurious trip and include a 4-day stay at the Titania Oceana resort for two people. We offer a monthly payment plan for those who wish to pay for this unique cruise in installments.

Depicted is a (phase 2 - final) Titans Space Elevator in a river near a city, reaching 100 kilometers altitude. Cabins take people and cargo to the OrbitalLoop where the Space Elevator connects.

Concept art of a complete Titans Space Elevator (phase 2). TSI’s preliminary space elevator designs were heavily inspired by digital artist Sergio Batero.

Description details of Titans Space Cabins

Artists’s impression of a Titans Space Elevator cabin. 

Artist’s impression of the Titans Space Elevator (phase 1) near Titania Oceana in international waters.​

Artist’s impression of the Titans Space Elevator (phase 1).​