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StratosphereNear-SpaceTours@ 30 km


Float at 30 kilometers altitude for 6 Hours

Titans Stratosphere is our most immediate project and concerns a large hydrogen balloon with an 8-person gondola suspended under it.

Float time: 6 Hours

The huge (200 meter/650 ft tall) hydrogen balloon and the gondola will take off from the spaceport and reach an altitude of ~30 kilometers during a two-hour (ascend) flight, after which it will float in the stratosphere for two hours before starting its two-hour descend into the ocean.

Luxurious Observation Deck

The gondola has a 360-degrees obersation deck with luxurious seats and sofas. There is space for six guests, a pilot, and a steward. The six-hour tour offers breath-taking views of Earth during ascend, float, and descend, where you will see the curvature of Earth at more than a thousand kilometer distance - in all directors.

Scientific Research & Spacewalk Training

On top of the Observation Deck, there arethree detacheable capsules. One of them funtions as a space diving platform, and the other two are research facilities (for stratospheric, atmospheric, and scientific research). The outer parts are ideal for spacewalk training for Titans Astronauts and third parties (normal gravity).

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