IntroducingMarcus Beau,Captain, Titans Legion

Introducing Marcus Beau, Captain, Titans Legion

Published: August 5, 2022
Captain Marcus has been a driving force in the creation of the Titans Legion. He was named Captain by TSI leadership to denote his importance to the Titans Legion.

Captain Marcus combines over 40 years of writing, sci-fi futurism, ideation, marketing, creativity, business acumen, and theorizing; he has a distinct track record as exectuive aide and problem solver.

Captain Marcus is energized by the hopeful future that the Titans Universe projects bring to solving Earth's many issues. He is convinced without a shred of doubt that a path to the Moon, through Titans Space Industry, is within short reach: feasible, on time, on budget, highly profitable for all stakeholders, and beneficial to Planet Earth.

Captain Marcus specifically added perks and rewards for the less fortunate among us, and to open possibilities and opportunities for them and their families' futures.

As Captain of the Titans Legion, he is greatly positioned to provide the world some solutions, with the help of the Legion that will assist him in creating a community that interacts with all level of space and science minded people from all walks of life.

About Captain Marcus

Captain Marcus has the unique ability to peer into the future and observe possibilities that are feasible, profitable, and even entertaining and exciting.

His message is that space and science are both the universal future of mankind, and the ability to integrate thoughts and projects to budgets and time factors, is paramount for success in the age of multi-trillion dollar industrial/space/financial commitments.

Captain Marcus has a fast-paced ability to take science fiction concepts and turn it into science probabilities and even science reality.

Captain Marcus was an outstanding award winnner in the accounting field at the start of his career, which set him up for fast-paced and focused feedback on complex concepts.

His talents include comprehension of long term financial goals and strategies, and how to market ideas and solve issues productively and profitably in a fast paced environment.

His past administrative work in customer service and polling allows insights into future possibilites and questions to ask and answer, and overseeing projects of a delicate nature.

Captain Marcus' mentor and role model was a retired Lt. Colonel of the U.S. army. He gave Captain Marcus the gift of the last year of his life as they frequently golfed together while discussing personal growth and servant leadership. It was this person who first gave Marcus the Captain title as a nickname.

Mentorship is close to Captain Marcus' heart as a way to honor the Lt. Colonels' life, accomplishments, and his family.

Captain Marcus knows that helping others is a sure way to help another human being succeed. Helping humanity through mentoring is a strong message and vital for future generations.

Captain Marcus will be available on Twitter and various other social media to discuss everything Titans Legion.