To the moon and back

Titania LunarResort

The Titania Lunar Resort is envisioned as an important hub for recreation purposes for lunar residents, visitors, scientists, and tourists.

Artist's ImpressionConcepts

Lunar Tourism and Recreation

Almost 65 years ago, the legendary Hiltons announced a plan for the first hotel on the Moon, the Lunar Hilton, a 5,000-room domed structure.  

As with all things moon-related, the world prioritized other projects in the last six decades.

However, the lack of grand visions for the Moon made it possible for TSI to not only dream big, but also to aim (literally) for the Moon. All TSI projects must lead to the large scale colonization and industrialization of the Moon in the very near future, and not in another six decades.


Titania Lunar Resort is part of the Titania Lunar Colony. The initial phase will start in H2-2027, and large scale construction will start in 2030.

A shining city on the Moon

While starting small, ultimately, the Titania Lunar Resort will include tens of thousands of hotel suites and apartments.

Millions of visitors!

In the coming decades, TSI, with support from Titans Astronauts, paves the way for millions of people to travel to space and visit the Lunar Resort at our Titania Lunar colony.