Titans LEO OrbitalPort

Central Station for all things "space".at 400 km altitudeLow-Eart Orbit

From H2-2027, the initial modules of the Titans OrbitalPort SpaceStation will orbit Earth at 400 kilometers altitude.

By year-end 2030, TSI's space station must be fully operational for scientific, commercial, and tourism purposes.

Titans Space Industries is reimagining space travel and (scientific) research.
The world's largest space projects by TSI.From a partial space station in 2027to a full LEO OrbitalPort by 2030.

For long stays in space

km altitude
thousand km/h
private labs
scientist suites

Titans LEO OrbitalPort Earth Dark

Work & Research in Zero Gravity

The Titans LEO OrbitalPort Space Station is part of TSI's orbital infrastructure, which will eventually include space elevators and orbital rings in Earth's and the Moon's low orbit, and maybe even Mars.

The LEO OrbitalPort is the largest planned space station, and is purposed to become the primary destination for zero gravity research and development, with a focus on scientific and commercial purposes.

Manufacturing and assembly of parts starts in 2024. In-space construction starts with two modules in the second half of 2027 that will accommodate several guests, with more capacity added quickly. By year end 2030, TSI's space station must be fully operational for scientific, commercial, and tourism purposes.

There's enough space

TSI’s objective is to practically always expand the OrbitalPort in a semi-detached modular fashion.

Ultimately, in the coming decades, thousands of guests and twenty or more spaceplanes/space freighters/spaceships will be accommodated at the OrbitalPort.

Watch the sun set and rise... 16 x per day!

Similar to NASA's International Space Station, the OrbitalPort will travel at about 28,00 kilometers per hour (17,500 mph). At this speed, and at an altitude of ~400 kilometers, the OrbitalPort will orbit Earth every 90 minutes, which gives the guests sixteen 16 sunrises and sunsets, every single day.

Travel to the OrbitalPort in style

Guests will be transported to the OrbitalPort by Titans Spaceplanes.