TSI's Projects

Titans Space Industries (TSI), a division of Titans Universe, is embarking on several revolutionary and ambitious commercial space projects in the world.

1. Strato @ 30 km 2. Space Diving3. Spaceplanes

4. Spaceships5. Space Stations6. Lunar Infra

Revolutionizing Space Travel and Space Launches

Titans Space Industries specializes in next-generation space travel infrastructure and space industrialization.

TSI's projects are split in four categories.

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The rocket launch vehicle systems in use today are inherently limited in terms of efficiencies and pose severe shortcomings and risks. Furthermore, improvements in rocketry will remain limited for the foreseeable future, and as such space travel, space exploration, and space commercialization would remain a near-impossible feat for most of humanity for decades to come.

Commerce in space, including space tourism, as well as scientific missions, let alone industrialization, will remain restricted to the frequencies and efficiencies that rocket systems and technologies would allow.

This is where TSI brings about a true paradigm shift.

Titans Spaceplane and spaceships will revolutionize space transportation, space travel, space exploration, and space commerce.

TSI's End to End infrastructure

Modules of the LEO, GEO, and Lunar Space Stations will be constructed on Earth, and assembled in space with the help of Titans Spaceplanes and Deep-Spaceships.

These spacecraft and TSI's robotics and automation assets will make in-space construction possible beyond what we can imagine today.

Spaceplanes, Spaceships, Space Stations, Space Services

The Titans Spaceplanes were first envisioned for the large space tourism and orbital infrastructure projects that TSI is preparing, including our own commercial space station. These projects require long-term routine operations comparable to commercial airline/ airfreight operations.

Spaceplanes that operate like airplanes but with the ability to reach Earth's orbit, would be the answer.

According to Fortune Business Insight, the global space launch services market is projected to grow from $14.21 billion in 2022 to $31.90 billion per year by 2029.

During TSI's spaceplanes research that lasted more than fifteen months, we realized that we could dominate the space launch industry once we get our spaceplanes up and running.

Based on our study's staggering conclusions, TSI decided to spin off into a separate company: Titans Spaceplanes & Space Technologies or TSST. Twelve of the TSI founding team joined forces with several aerospace and rocketry experts to found TSST.

For example, space industry veteran Franklin Ratliff joined the team as Founding Chief Technology Officer.

Mr. Ratliff is in charge of all TSI and TSST technology developments, including Spaceplanes (from Earth surface to LEO), on-orbit assembly and refueling, LEO, GEO, and Lunar Spaceships, Deep-Spaceships (for deep space missions, primarily the Earth's Moon), and lunar landers.

Space Tourism

Orbital Infrastructure

Special Projects

Lunar Projects