SuryaHelios 5 Terawatts

Space SolarPowerGenerationon the OrbitalLoop System

Scientist estimate that, by the end of this century, humanity may need between 95 to 123 terawatts of energy - a five to seven-fold increase from today's levels.

In the near future, TSI's OrbitalLoop and Space Elevators systems will be able to deliver between 2 and 5 terawatts of clean energy, and much more in the long term when we'll combine TSI's Earth's and Lunar orbital infrastructure with Titania Lunar's power.

The project name, SuryaHelios, is in honor of two nearly identical titans.

TSI is dedicated to help save Earth in the coming decades.
Terawatts of clean energygenerated on TSI's LEO OrbitalLoop system, and later on Titania Lunar.Wireless transfer to Earth,or through cables along space elevators.
Benefiting humanity in numerous ways.
Bringing clean energy to developing nations.Helping nations reducegreenhouse gases.Help fight climate change.

Terawatts of clean energy to help save Earth

In an Anthropocene Magazine article titled, "How much energy will the world need?", award winning scientific writer W. Wayt Gibbs, noted:

"... an inflection point is coming in the long arc of humanity’s growth. The timing of that change in direction matters a lot: global population could hang at 10 billion or explode to nearly 13 billion by this century’s end. Factor population growth into our thought experiment, and global energy use undergoes another big bang, to an astonishing 95–123 TW annually."

In the near future, TSI's OrbitalLoop and Space Elevators systems will be able to deliver between 2 and 5 terawatts of clean energy, and in the long term much more.

OrbitalLoop-based Solar Power Plants vs Space Solar Power Satellites

Space based solar power satellites are considered by many nations as a potential solution to their energy needs. China, Japan, the UK, and the USA are all considering and investing in some form of solar power satellites (SPS).

With TSI's OrbitalLoop-based solar power systems, other SPS are unnecessary.

SPS will be unable to deliver enough power to make a substantial difference or enough profit, if at all.

The investment is too big for a too small return. If you consider an initial set up of the first SPS at $15B, and then $5 Billion per additional satellite (SEI numbers), with an output of 2 GW per satellite, the investment is prohibitedly high.

The only way to make space based solar power profitable, more efficient than terrestrial systems, and within reach of developed and developing nations alike, is to roll out at truly massive scale levels: on the four globe-encircling Orbitalloop systems, with 40,000 kilometers of real estate at 100 kilometer altitude per system.

Help saving Earth: Fight climate change

The two most important solutions to reducing emissions and global warming are more clean energy generation, and the efficient use of that clean energy to sustain and support (the growth of) humanities' standard of living.

Massive future growth market

TSI's solar power, generated on the OrbitalLoop systems, will always have a huge market - whether that would be 500 gigawatts or 5 terawatts.

Delivering clean energy through wireless beams

One of the major advantages of power generation on the OrbitalLoop system rather than terrestrial is that TSI can beam the energy to receivers anywhere on Earth as long as there is a line of sight.

The wireless transmission of captured and redistributed energy back from space to Earth offers new major opportunities for developing nations as much as developed nations.

Delivering clean energy through cables along the lenght of Titans Space Elevators

TSI can also distribute solar power generated on the OrbitalLoop systems to locations on Earth through cables run along the Titans Space Elevators.

All nations can initiate discussions with TSI to research construction of a Space Elevator on their land or in near-by waters.

Having a Titans Space Elevator in or near a city would mean efficient, safe, and ultra-fast point-to-point intercontinental travel (across the OrbitalLoop systems), but also having an ultra-efficient cargo transportation hub, and an amazing 100-kilometer tall tourist attraction.

Massive revenue generation

Titans Universe and TSI's founding team have worked together for a combined 200 years. The company's culture is focused on benefits for planet Earth and all its living creatures.

At the same time, practically, the company's projects are focused on generating massive revenues. Terawatts worth of solar power generation will require massive investments, but it will generate several hundred billion dollars in retvenues, even when charging considerably less than today's market rates.

Revenue-sharing with partner states

In some cases, TSI can agree on revenue-sharing or steep discounts for its clean energy distribution to partner states.

Fight Energy Poverty

TSI will team up with local governments to build receivers in their cities. This, combined with TitansNetwork (satellite broadband), will greatly help their citizens and rush them into the 21st century with all its benefits.

"Access to electricity is now an afterthought in most parts of the world, so it may come as a surprise to learn that 16% of the world’s population — an estimated 1.2 billion people — are still living without this basic necessity. Lack of access to electricity, or “energy poverty”, is the ultimate economic hindrance as it prevents people from participating in the modern economy."