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The Founding Team

TSI was founded by a team that includes technology pioneers and highly successful business executives with proven track records, ranging from a satellite internet and next-generation telecommunications pioneer to a Private Equity executive who raised multi-billion dollar funds, a business strategist with multi-billion dollar projects under his (Six Sigma) belt, and a Big4 specialist with decades of Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions experience.

The team has worked together for more than a combined 200 years on numerous large-scale, disruptive projects. In 2020/2021, they decided to halt all other projects and to focus on Titans Space projects.

TSI's founding CEO, Neal S. Lachman, is an expert in the space industry. He is an outspoken technologist who pioneered satellite internet (1998 - 2000), and has been involved in space-related projects since 1995, when he and two of his brothers (also co-founders of TSI) received three global digital satellite TV broadcast licenses from the Dutch government.

TSI's founding team makes up the Supervisory Board of Titans Universe (and TSI), with the exception of Mr. Lachman who serves as TSI's first CEO and manages the executive board and advisory board, which consists of experts in the space and space-related industries.

about tsi

TSI is part of Titans Universe, the world's largest startup, an ethical, social, and inclusive company. Forty percent of Titans Universe's annual profits will return to humanity in various ways.

our Mission

TSI is embarking on the largest and most ambitious commercial space program in the world: a collection of incredible projects that will disrupt and change the global space industries.

our values

Through our investments and transparent approach, we strive to inspire the next generation of ethical leaders and innovators who will build companies and projects that will benefit Earth.

We Commit to Help Creating a Better World

Titans Space Industries is a division of Titans Universe, which we set up with the goal to quickly transform into a powerhouse, in earth industries as well as space industries.

Immediate Projects

Spaceplanes, Spaceships, Orbital Services

It has been more than 70 years since commercial aviation started becoming mainstream. In recent decades, air travel has doubled and is deemed much safer than road travel. We've come far in just a few decades.

The Titans Spaceplanes were first envisioned for the large space tourism and orbital infrastructure projects that TSI is preparing, including our own commercial space station. These projects require long-term routine operations comparable to commercial airline/ airfreight operations.

Spaceplanes that operate like airplanes but with the ability to reach Earth's orbit, would be the answer.

According to Fortune Business Insight, the global space launch services market is projected to grow from $14.21 billion in 2022 to $31.90 billion per year by 2029.

During TSI's spaceplanes research that lasted more than fifteen months, we realized that we could dominate the space launch industry once we get our spaceplanes up and running.

Based on our study's staggering conclusions, TSI decided to spin off into a separate company: Titans Spaceplanes & Space Technologies (TSST). Twelve of the TSI founding team joined forces with several aerospace and rocketry experts to found TSST.

TSST‘s business model (and elevator pitch) is simple: “By providing routine, airfreight-like space launch services with our safe and efficient spaceplanes rather than inefficient and unsafe rockets, we aim to engage at least 1/3rd of this $32 billion annual market potential (by 2029), representing a guaranteed revenue stream of more than $10 billion per year.”

Most recently, space industry veteran Franklin Ratliff joined the team as Founding Chief Technology Officer.

Mr. Ratliff is in charge of all TSI and TSST technology developments, including Spaceplanes (from Earth surface to LEO), on-orbit assembly and refueling, LEO, GEO, and Lunar Spaceships, Deep-Spaceships (for deep space missions, primarily the Earth's Moon), and lunar landers.

TSI oursources the construction of its spaceships, space craft, and space stations to TSST.

TSI will be the exclusive operator of on-orbit infrastructure and services, including on-orbit refueling and modular assembly.

Space Manufacturing

TSi is creating several locations for large scale space manufacturing.

Research, testing, and production in zero- or microgravity and in the vacuum of space will allow humanity, science, and businesses to access certain products and materials that cannot be manufactured or produced on Earth in the same quality or under such specific conditions.

TSi will partner with industries to do research, test, innovate, and produce goods and materials in Low-Earth Orbit and Low-Moon Orbit at zero-gravity on the Titans OrbitalPort Space Stations (TOPSS).

Future Projects

Taking Heavy Industry to the Moon

In his 1979 book (The High Frontier - Human Colonies in Space), Princeton physicist, Dr. Gerard O'Neill, envisioned a future of humanity including space habitats, and taking heavy industry away from Earth and doing it in space.

TSI is acting on that vision, but we mainly focus on Moon industrialization - from the 2030s.

Mining the Moon - not asteroids

Obviously, TSI believes this to be true, but partly.

TSI's projects are complicated in nature, but as contrarian as it sounds, we like to oversimplify things; it makes life easier for us.

Reaching the asteroids is going to be a very long and difficult journey. Mining asteroids on an industrial scale is most likely thirty or even fifty years away.

However, Earth's Moon reportedly has more metals than all asteroids combined. TSI's mining efforts will purely focus on mining the Moon.

This is yet another reason why industrializing the Moon is going to benefit Earth and its living creatures.

International cooperation and joint ventures

TSI's projects' size and scopes call for continued cooperation between nations, institutions, space agencies, corporations, and even entrepreneurs and researchers.

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