10 million astronauts Initiative

Imagine space travelbeing as easyas air travel.

The 10 Million Astronauts Initiative is the greatest challenge in the history of travel.

TSI plans to make space travel as common as air travel by 2035.

From 8 to 108: People of all ages should be able to travel to space - safely and easily.

It has been more than 70 years since commercial aviation started becoming mainstream. In recent decades, air travel has doubled and is deemed much safer than road travel. We've come far in just a few decades.

TSI specializes in (Earth and Lunar) orbital infrastructure that will revolutionize space travel - making it much safer and easier for all people to travel in space.

TSI's plans for low-budget space tourism

TSI, with support from the Titans Space Society and Titans Astronauts, paves the way for more than ten million people to travel to space and visit our Titania Lunar colony between 2030 and 2040s.

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In order to create awareness for TSI's projects, including the 10 Million Astronauts Initiative, we realized that interaction between us and the public at large is required - in the form of ongoing dialogue and consultations.

This is where TSI's 4-tier Legion comes in play where everyone can join for free and upgrade to a higher Legion as they want to become more involved.

Titania Lunar Resort timelines:

Titans Astronauts: From start

Astronaut Designates (Legion 4): From 2032
Astronaut Candidates (Legion 3): From 2034
Space Consultants (Legion 2): From 2035
Space Geeks (Legion 1): From 2037
General public: From 2039

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