The world's largest space projects

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1. Strato @ 30 km 2. Space Diving3. Space Elevators4. Spaceplanes5. Space Hotel

6. Space Stations7. Orbital Rings8. Lunar Resort9. Lunar Mining10. Nuclear Tech

Disruptive & Pioneering - Benefiting Humanity

Determined by our desire to lighten earth's burdens

We focus on safe and efficient end to end solutions.

Space Tourism

Strato ToursSpace DivingSpace ElevatorLunar Resort

Orbital Structures

Orbital RingsSpace StationsCargo Elevators

Industry & Commerce

Satellite InternetSpaceplanesClean EnergyLunar CommernceLunar Industry

Special Projects

Science/R&DNuclear TechSpace SocietyTitans Astronauts10 MillionAstronautsInitiative